One of the main purposes of World Land Trust (WLT) is to act as a platform for the development of an international network of like-minded organisations with a shared commitment to protecting the world’s most threatened habitats.

The concept of the partner relationship has developed since the Trust was founded in 1989. Strong partnerships are essential to the success of the projects funded by WLT, which rely on identifying sound, knowledgeable and established local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to support.

Occasionally, WLT will work with others to form a new overseas project partner, where a suitable one does not exist. More recently, in addition to our partners, we have extended our partner network to include other organisations whose aims and objectives fit with those of WLT.



WLT Partners are the in-country local NGOs who manage the projects and reserve areas that WLT supports. Key to WLT’s philosophy is to empower local NGOs with financial and technical assistance but not to manage them. The purchase of land is always through project partners and WLT does not own any of the overseas reserves, so each project we support is run and managed by an in-country partner organisation.

The concept of the partner relationship has developed over the past 25+ years and the aim is to encompass a deeper level of commitment, focusing on the partners’ priority activities and needs, both for their conservation challenges, as well as their organisational development in order for them to effectively protect threatened habitats around the world using their local expertise. WLT currently has 35 partners.


Operational Partners

Our operational partners are organisations with similar objectives to the WLT. In common with WLT, these organisations fund conservation activities to protect threatened habitats and species.

WLT has formed partnerships with these organisations to strengthen fundraising opportunities, to exchange knowledge and experience and to enhance each others’ supporter and conservation partner networks.