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Your Operation Ocelot Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fundraise to save an area of land in Guatemala’s Laguna Grande.
Our mission dossier includes resources to action your fundraising plan.
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Gather your team, pick an assignment – maybe one of the below – and get ready for action!

  • Have a school, club or garden sponsored sleepover or camp out
  • Host a nature themed quiz night
  • Organise a nature themed raffle, e.g. win day at the zoo, plush animals, seed packets etc
  • Organise a sponsored night hike
  • Do sponsored swimming lengths
  • Organise a sponsored clean up for a beach, local area, or park
  • Work out the area you are fundraising for and walk run, or bike the area
  • Mark out the area you are fundraising for on a playground or field and run sponsored relay races in it.
  • Get sponsored to give up something you love for a day, week or even a month!
  • Host a bake sale
  • Have a non-uniform day or dress up as your favourite animal day
  • Organise a talent show or throw a school/club party!


World Land Trust has a variety of educational resources to offer all ages. Most of our materials have been designed to target specific Key Stages, aiming to teach them about conservation and the wonders of the wild world.