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Quick acre comparisons: From 16 tennis courts to the size of Wales

An acre is a unit of area containing 4,046 square metres and approximately the same size as one half of a football (soccer) pitch OR 16 tennis courts.

An acre of rainforest contains up to 86 different species of tree, with the amphibians, birds, insects and mammals that depend on them. It costs just £100 to purchase and protect an acre with WLT, to save this threatened habitat and its wildlife from destruction.

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50 acres

Size of St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, UK

WLT’s Kites Hill Reserve in the UK covers 48 acres.


100 acres

Size of the island of Samson (Scilly Isles, UK), or just under the size of the Vatican City

By helping to fund the purchase of Danjugan Island in the Philippines, WLT protected 106 acres of tropical forest and coral reef.


1,000 acres

Twice the size of the Olympic Park in London, and bigger than the area used by the Glastonbury Festival, UK


1,500 acres

Eight times the size of Battersea Park, London and just under the size of Gibraltar


1,750 acres

Size of the island of North Ronaldsay (Orkneys, UK)

WLT has protected 1,809 acres on Margarita Island, Venezuela for the endangered Yellow-Shouldered Parrot and other threatened species.


4,000 acres

Size of the Scilly Isles, off the south-western tip of the Cornish peninsula, UK


5,000 acres

Size of Windsor Great Park, UK and just under that of Nauru, an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific that is the world’s smallest republic


15,000 acres

Size of San Marino, Italy and of the Scottish island of Barra, UK

The Ranch of Hopes Wildlife Refuge in Patagonia (Argentina) covers 15,000 acres of coastal steppe and protects species including Magellanic Penguin and Guanaco.


20,000 acres

Size of the Scottish island of Benbecula, UK

The REGUA project area now protects over 18,000 acres of critically threatened Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.


50,000 acres

Twice the size of the island of Montserrat, in the Carribean

WLT has supported Guyra Paraguay in the purchase of four reserves across three very different habitats in Paraguay: the Dry Chaco, Chaco-Pantanal and Atlantic Forest. Together, these protected areas cover over 56,000 acres.


100,000 acres

Just under the size of the Caribbean island of Barbados and bigger than the English county of Rutland

WLT’s four project partners in Ecuador, Fundación Jocotoco, Fundación EcoMinga, Fundación Pro-Bosque, and Nature and Culture International (NCI), are now involved with the management of over 100,000 acres of threatened and biodiverse forests. These support 17% of the world’s bird species, over 400 species of amphibian and 16,000 species of plants, with new species being discovered all the time.


250,000 acres

Almost the size of Hong Kong

The Rio Bravo Conservation & Management Area in Belize, Central America, covers approximately 260,000 acres – 4% of the total area of the country. It contains a mix of broadleaf forest, palm savannah and freshwater lagoons and rivers. This was WLT’s first project area back in 1989.


600,000 acres

Approximately the size of the Republic of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, or the English county of West Sussex.



4,000,000 acres

Size of Wales, or of Belize in Central America