Get involved and support World Land Trust. There are many ways that you can help make a difference and protect the natural world.



Help support World Land Trust’s range of projects across the globe, from land purchase and protection to tree planting and offsetting your emissions.

Become a WLT Friend

By becoming a Friend and setting up regular donations you can help us plan for the future with confidence, knowing we have your support.

Become a Corporate supporter

Find out how your organisation can help support World Land Trust and see which companies are currently supporting us.

Become a fundraiser

Find out some of the ways you can support our work through fundraising events and activities.

Remember WLT in your will

Help World Land Trust save some of the last wild places on Earth for generations to come.

Selecton of Green Ink books

Green Ink

If you are an author or artist you canĀ assign the Public Lending Rights (PLRs) from your work to the World Land Trust

Educational resources

View our educational videos and find out how your school can help save threatened habitat and the wildlife that lives there.

Zoological Associations

See which Zoological Associations are currently helping World Land Trust to save habitats and species.