What can I do?

There are many ways that you can fundraise for World Land Trust (WLT) and support global conservation.

From running a marathon to hosting a quiz night, or setting up a ‘Facebook Fundraiser’ to doing a sponsored event, with a little bit of imagination the possibilities are endless and there is something to suit everybody.

There are lots of ways to publicise your fundraising project. Start by telling your friends and family about it, and use social media to spread the word. Setting up a JustGiving page is a good way to announce your fundraising and keep track of donations.

For more information about fundraising for WLT, please see our leaflet at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions regarding fundraising please email us.

Take Part in a Challenge

Will you take on a physical challenge to raise funds to help World Land Trust save threatened wildlife habitat?

WLT is a partner of Action Challenge who organise incredible events all over the UK, visit their website to learn more.

WLT’s Inspiring Fundraisers


Fearless climber takes on Lake District peaks to raise £1,100 for the life of Borneo

“I decided to help protect the planet because it is being destroyed by people and it cannot save itself, and I learned that it’s easier to try fundraising than I thought”

WLT would like to extend a big thank-you to Tobias, the intrepid climber who took on more than 10 Lake District peaks during summer 2021 so that our partner HUTAN could extend a network of protected corridors of orangutan habitat in Borneo.

Tobias thought he’d raise £500 towards the protection of the Bornean rainforest he’d visited two years before – and yet he ended up raising £1,100 (or 220% of his target)! We at WLT thought our Borneo appeal would raise enough (£150,000) to save two plots of rainforest. Thanks to people like Tobias, the £420,000 we raised will save up to five.

Tobias and all our other supporters are the living proof: when we act to save nature, we make far more impact than we think.

Click here to read the full story of how (and why) Tobias decided to raise funds for the life of Borneo

Terezie and Eva’s virtual charity shop

“The local community is a great place to start”

Last year and with lockdown in full swing, Terezie Wickenden was struck by an idea as she watched charity shops close around the UK. What if the many people doing clear-outs had an online store to turn to, selling their unwanted items for all profits to go for a good cause? The Surbiton Virtual Charity Shop was born, and together with friend Eva Katona the duo saw interest for the initiative smash initial expectations: within less than one year, the shop has at the time of writing raised over £2,000 for our Buy an Acre programme from some 1,400 local members, and the flow of donations is not stopping.

To Terezie, the experience shows that those keen to do their bit for the natural world should start with their local community. “Find a local group, connect with other people, support and learn from each other. We may feel powerless as individuals but together, communities can achieve a lot,” she says.


How to start fundraising for WLT

To support your fundraising efforts World Land Trust can provide a personal collection box, Project Briefs about our work and project areas, t-shirt transfers, flags and collection boxes for use at an event (Please note, you will be required to sign a simple agreement).

Click on the image below to download our Fundraising Leaflet and get started!