Scorched Earth to Forest Haven

WLT and its local partner, Viet Nature, aim to rejuvenate a landscape left degraded and deforested during the Vietnam War.

The use of Agent Orange over 50 years ago left more than 100,000 hectares of bare land across Vietnam. Invasive grasses took hold, covering the hillside and making it impossible for trees to regrow. We are fundraising £575,000 for the project, which will allow Viet Nature to begin the process of restoring healthy tropical forest - a vital refuge for rare species left displaced and exposed.

This is no easy task. Your donation will help fund an ambitious, labour-intensive project to rejuvenate the depleted soils, clear the invasive grasses, and plant native tree seedlings. These trees will then be protected over the next decade to ensure the new forest is successfully established.

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In line with Royal Mail recommendations, the last date for delivery in time for Christmas is 16 December 2019. Any donations, gifts or orders placed on or after 20 December 2019 will be processed in the New Year.

The WLT office is closed from the afternoon of 24 December 2019 until 2 January 2020.


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World Land Trust (WLT) is pleased to announce that we have reached the target to save 810 acres of Kenya’s threatened coastal forest. Illegal charcoal production, hunting, uncontrolled pineapple farming and the constant threat of deforestation could have seen this rare, vulnerable habitat go up in smoke. You helped us save Dakatcha before it’s too late.

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    World Land Trust (WLT) is pleased to announce that the £600,000 target to save 8,154 acres of Jungle for Jaguars in Belize has been reached, and thanks to Buy ...


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