What do we mean by web accessibility?

World Land Trust (WLT) interprets web accessibility to mean the ease with which visitors to a website can find the information they require.

What are our aims?

We believe that anybody should be able to access the information our website contains, regardless of the technology they are using to do so. We also aim to make our website easy to use in general, so that visitors with different levels of web experience, or whose first language is not English, are still able to make use of the site.

Looking ahead, we will continue to make improvements to the site. All new content will conform to the standards where possible and old content will be made accessible over time. All pages with content that may currently not be completely accessible will have other alternatives whenever possible, such as printable versions or a telephone service.

Using the accessibility tools on your browser

There are some basic functions built into most browsers to allow you to control the presentation of websites. For information and instructions for other browsers, please use the help menu at the top of your browser window.

Can’t access something? Let us know

If you are unable to use any aspect of our site, please contact us to report the problems you are encountering, so that we can make improvements. The contact us page has details of how to get in touch with us. Please tell us which page you were trying to view when the problem occurred.