World Land Trust (WLT) is a charity registered in England and Wales (charity number 1001291) and also a company limited by guarantee (Company no. 2552942).  It is governed by a Board of Trustees, who combine the legal responsibilities of charity trustees and company directors..

The Trustees are members of the WLT Council, which meets approximately 4 times a year.  Trustees and officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is chaired by the Trust’s Honorary President or, in his absence, the Chairman of Trustees.


WLT Board of Trustees

WLT’s Trustees are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds, but all have in common their commitment to actively support the Trust and to lend their expertise in directing the Trust’s affairs.  The Trustees have legal responsibility for ensuring that the Trust meets its statutory obligations, is well run and solvent, and delivers its charitable outcomes.  While the Trustees have overall responsibility for the operation of the Trust, day to day management is delegated to the CEO.  The Trustees’ quarterly meetings are chaired by the Chairman of Trustees.

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WLT Conservation Advisory Panel

WLT’s Conservation Advisory Panel provides guidance for WLT’s programme of conservation activities, ensuring that supported projects and partners focus on clear conservation priorities in support of WLT’s mission.

The panel’s role is advisory, providing advice across a range of areas and particularly to provide independent evaluation that proposals for WLT support meet clear conservation objectives and priorities, and to provide a recommendation on whether proposals are suitable for WLT support on conservation grounds.

The Conservation Advisory Panel consists of highly qualified individuals with a wide range of experience and expertise in the field of biodiversity conservation, encompassing a range of skills and knowledge that can support the successful implementation of WLT’s conservation activities.

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