Fundación Pro-Bosque


To manage protected areas in the dry tropical forests of coastal Ecuador. Fundación Pro-Bosque emphasises reforestation, agro-forestry, research, environmental education, and ecotourism programmes.



Fundación Pro-Bosque was created by a Ministerial decree on November 9, 1992 by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Ceibo trees at Cerro Blanco

Partnership with WLT

Fundación Pro-Bosque first met World Land Trust (WLT) at a symposium in the Netherlands in 2006 through mutual partner, IUCN-Netherlands. After discussions with WLT, Pro-Bosque submitted a proposal for help with reforestation at Cerro Blanco Protected Forest. In 2010, the partnership was extended in order to support Pro-Bosque with land purchase, and WLT funding has since extended the Cerro Blanco reserve by over 350 acres.



Cerro Blanco Project


Other projects and activities

  • Running two tree nurseries, one at Cerro Blanco and one at Sigsipamba. Cerro Blanco nursery also has a display room and seed library
  • Running ecotourism and hosting visitors to Cerro Blanco Protected Forest where there are exhibition rooms, guided trails, snack bars and picnic areas
  • Environmental education with local community and youth clubs
Seed planting at Cerro Blanco

Awards and Achievements

1998: BirdLife International declared Cerro Blanco Protected Forest the second Important Bird Area in Ecuador because of the high number of rare, endangered and endemic bird species

2000: The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism named the reserve a site of special tourist interest

2003: Awarded the title of Tourism Company through a pilot certification programme by the Ministry of Tourism and Ecuadorian Ecotourism Association

2010: Pro-Bosque reserve rangers won second place in two fire fighting competitions organised by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment and Guayaquil Fire Department

2013: In 2013 Cerro Blanco Protected Forest was declared Ecuador’s first Area of Importance for the Conservation of Bats (AICOM)

2016: Pro-Bosque won first prize in the ¨Forests and Flora¨ category of the Latin America Green Awards


Contact Details

Executive Director: Eric Horstman