World Land Trust (WLT) has produced a series of videos as part of a free teaching resource based on the current curriculum. The resources are aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 students, covering a range of topics relating to rainforests and the conservation work of the Trust.

These video resources all use footage from WLT-funded project areas. Children’s author and WLT Trustee, Nicola Davies, narrates them.


Introduction from Nicola Davies

Nicola talks about this selection of short films for primary aged children. These free conservation videos for schools have two aims, both to show amazing wildlife around the world and also to meet National Curriculum requirements.


Learn about animals in familiar and unfamiliar habitats, including the seashore, woodland and the ocean as well as rainforests. This short film highlights the many different habitats that World Land Trust helps to protect across the world.


Different species vary enormously but each has a role to play in its habitat. Enjoy the amazing variety of life in World Land Trust supported reserves around the world, and learn how the behaviour of each species adds up to make a whole ecosystem complicated and resilient.

All living things

This video helps to explain food chains, identifying producers and consumers, predators and prey.  It also covers the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.


How seriously does deforestation affect our planet? Find out why we need to protect forests and the species that live there from illegal logging and development.

Different types of forest

World Land Trust helps to protect many different types of forest across the world. Learn from this video how types of forest vary, where they can be found, and the types of animals you can spot there. Explore the links between geography and biology.


Much of World Land Trust’s conservation work takes place in rainforests. Find out about different kinds of rainforests, their key features, and the species found there. Look out for lots of interesting facts about rainforests and how they are similar and different to Britain’s forests.

Human impact

This video offers a chance to study different ways in which humans affect the environment. For a balanced view, it looks at the benefits of nature reserves and tree planting, as well as the problems caused by deforestation.

Sir David Attenborough

Discover why our Patrons and Ambassadors, including Sir David Attenborough, support World Land Trust.