Naturalia Comité para la Conservación de Especies Silvestres (Naturalia)


Operation aim: To promote the conservation and protection of ecosystems and wild species in Mexico.


Partner History

Naturalia is a Mexican NGO founded in 1990 that has a history of successful conservation projects and partnerships. Since their inception, they have, through land purchase, reintroduction and translocation of species, outreach, and environmental education worked to conserve flora, fauna and biodiversity of at-risk habitats and species in Mexico. They have received numerous awards in Mexico, including the Merit for Ecological Conservation awarded by the Ministry of the Environment, Mexico.


Partnership with WLT

WLT’s introduction to Naturalia was made in 2016 when Roberto Pedraza Ruiz, Head of Conservation for our partner Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG) in Mexico. Roberto invited Oscar Moctezuma Orozco, Director of Naturalia to present his work at the WLT 2016 Partner Symposium held in Sierra Gorda.

WLT is supporting Naturalia to purchase two properties, totalling nearly 4,000 acres, to expand and connect the Reserva Jaguar del Norte with 3,706 acres currently owned by Naturalia. This subtropical scrub is home to 215 bird species (including the Endangered Military Macaw), 48 reptiles and 47 mammal species, including Jaguar.

This vital corridor will save Jaguar habitat, provide safe nesting sites for Military Macaw, and allow safe passage for migratory pollinator species of insects, birds and bats.


Other projects and activities

Naturalia’s other programmes have included:

  • Established Reserva Jaguar del Norte to conserve the most northerly population of Jaguar in the Americas.
  • Reintroduction of the Mexican Wolf to the mountain forests of Sonora, Mexico.
  • Conservation of pastures and species in the San Pedro River Basin, Sonora.
  • Translocation and conservation of the endangered beaver in Sonora, Mexico.
  • Reforestation of protected natural areas around the Valley of Mexico and other areas of the Country.
  • Conservation of the prairies of Janos, Chihuahua.
  • They also run education and awareness programmes to generate an environmentally aware culture in Mexico that understands the importance of the country’s natural heritage and the significance of conservation.

Contact Details

Director: Oscar Moctezuma Orozco, Director


Augusto Rodin 40 PH2
Col. Ampliación Nápoles
Del. Benito Juárez
CP 03810, CDMX