Fundacion Guanacas

Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla


Operation aim: To restore, conserve and expand forests, preserve water sources, generate and protect ecosystems, and promote natural harmony between humans and nature.


Partner History

In 1990, Fundación Guanacas purchased their first 120 hectares in the foothills of the mountains at Cerro San Jose. Since then they have integrated new properties, and now protect 520 hectares in the Guanacas mountain range, including its cloud forests. These forests are a result of the altitude, humidity and temperature of Colombian mountain ranges, creating a habitat rich with diverse flora and fauna.



Partnership with WLT

Fundación Guanacas applied to World Land Trust for project support in early March 2019. Following a site visit to the region from WLT partner Fundación Biodiversa Colombia WLT began supporting Fundación Guanacas in July 2019. Support focuses on expanding their existing reserve.


Other projects and activities

  • Reforestation focused on planting Andean Wax Palm, a native tree that has suffered decline.
  • Working with businesses to compensate environmentally negative impacts of their work, largely through reforestation.
  • The rescue and relocation of native wildlife.
  • Land purchase for conservation.
  • Species observation and creation of bird inventory.
  • Support for on-site international scientific and academic research.
  • Ecological restoration focused on the connection of forest patches to restore the biological corridor of the Andean felines.
  • Education and environmental awareness workshops with surrounding communities.

Contact Details

Project Manager: Maria Alejandra Moreno Vasquez

Email: [email protected]