Fundação Kissama


Organisation’s aim:

To implement conservation projects, biodiversity management, and environmental education, alongside raising public awareness of biodiversity-related problems.


Partner History

Established in 1996, Fundação Kissama (FK) have been championing the protection, management, and research of Angolan flora and fauna. With over 20 years experience, FK are working tirelessly in Angola to ensure the safety of countless species.

(Image: A team of villagers trained and fully equipped as fire fighters. Credit:©Michael Mills)


Partnership with WLT

The partnership between WLT and FK began in 2022. WLT is excited to work alongside FK, aiding in their conservation efforts in Angola.

FK are urgently seeking to conserve and reconnect the last fragments of Afromontane forest at Mount Moco, a vital refuge for the Endangered Swierstra’s Francolin (Pternistis swierstrai) including other Angolan endemics and other Afromontane-restricted bird species. It is with this goal in mind that WLT are aiming to raise funds to allow their conservation efforts to be as smooth and successful as possible.

(Image: Swierstra’s Francolin (Pternistis swierstrai) Credit:©John Clark)


Other Projects and Activities

  • For over ten years, FK has been responsible for the day-to-day management of Quiçama National Park, ensuring its flora and fauna are protected and thriving at all times.
  • Since 2010 Kissama Foundation has been involved in the protection of the endemic giant sable antelope with managing and conservation activities particularly in the Luanda Strict Nature Reserve.
  • The ‘Kitabanga Project’ was started in 2003 and aims to aid the conservation of Sea Turtles. The area protected by this project is 105km, or approximately 6.4% of the total coastline of Angola.
  • In 2012, FK started the wonderful ‘Stories to Conserve’ initiative. Through this, they produced a collection of children’s books with a focus on threatened animals and their ecosystems covering eight flagship species. As they state here, FK wish to ‘implement conservation projects, biodiversity management and environmental education’.
  • In 2018, FK created the ‘Biodiversity Internship Program for Future Young Researchers and Project Managers’, working alongside National Geographic and Wild Bird Trust.
  • The ‘Noah’s Ark’ project, which FK was an integral part of, involved the transfer of animals from South Africa and Botswana to a special conservation area approximately 10,000 ha in size.

Awards and Achievements

FK’s ‘Stories to Conserve’ initiative has been given the seal of the Ministry of Education in Angola, and the contents have been officially approved by the National Institute of Research and Development of Education.



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