Fundación Biodiversa Colombia


The conservation of the Colombian natural and cultural heritage through scientific research with social involvement and through sustainable productive projects that contribute to conservation, to social development and to self sustainability of local communities.

Our vision is to grow as a self-sustainable organisation that develops projects and research in multiple areas of Colombia, generating positive, growing and long-lasting social and environmental impacts.


Since 2005, Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia has been promoting and developing research and conservation in the biological, social and cultural fields and in other areas of knowledge that contribute to preservation of the biological and cultural heritage of Colombia, while seeking alternatives for sustainable development.

Partnership with WLT

Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia became partners with World Land Trust in 2018 following a site visit to Colombia, and their attendance at World Land Trust’s 2018 partner symposium.
World Land Trust contributed for the first expansion of the El Silencio Natural Reserve, in the rainforests of the Middle Magdalena Valley in Colombia, from 85 to 582 ha.

Afterwards, World Land Trust supported FBC for the second expansion of El Silencio, nowadays nearly 3400 ha protecting highly important rainforests and wetlands of this unique ecosystem and its endangered species.

Nowadays, WLT continues to support FBC with management costs for the operation of the Reserve.



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Other Activities

FBC currently works in several projects in the Middle Magdalena Valley, including:

  • Management and biodiversity monitoring of El Silencio Natural Reserve with WLT, Rainforest Trust and ABC
  • The Forest guardians project to monitor biodiversity and deforestation using bioacoustics and Artificial Intelligence, with Huawei, Rainforest Connection and the Humboldt Institute
  • Environmental compensation plan with Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. to restore and protect 350 ha of El Silencio
  • Using Artificial Intelligence for Biodiversity conservation via remote sensing (high technology drones with multispectral cameras) and bioacoustics, with Microsoft IA for Good, the Andes University, the Humboldt Institute and other partners.
  • The Jaguar Connection Program to implement a REDD+ project in the Middle Magdalena Valley.

Awards and Achievements:

Winner of the 2017 Caracol Prize for Environmental Protection in the medium and small companies category.


Contact Details

CEO/Executive Director: Fernando Arbeláez