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Naturaleza y Cultura Sierra Madre (NCSM)


Operation aim: Naturaleza y Cultura Sierra Madre (NCSM) aim to conserve the biodiversity and associated ecosystem services of southern Sonora State in Mexico.


Partner History

NCI was founded in 1997 and has been working in Mexico since 2004.  They established NCSM in 2013 to serve as the local NGO representative for the NCI program in Álamos.  For over 20 years, their work has focused directly on fostering conservation solutions that start with the local community defining their goals and develop into habitat protection that preserves native cultures and enables sustainable use of land.


Partnership with WLT

NCSM was introduced to WLT by operational partner NCI in early 2018. In October of the same year, WLT Conservation Programmes Manager visited their work in Alamos. The visit included a trip to the highly threatened El Pitayal forest, which has now become the focus of our collaboration.


Other projects and activities

Reserva Monte Mojino (ReMM) – NCSM have been working to create and protect ReMM for 15 years, purchasing properties along the Cuchujaqui river to better protect the Tropical Dry Forest and watershed within the Sierra de Alamos State Park.

Sierra Madre Biological Corridor – Providing technical support to other organisation and groups to recognise areas for protection within the Sierra Madre in Northwest México.

El Pitayal Coastal Reserve Project – Together with fishing cooperatives around the Agiabampo Bay, NCSM has worked to establish Fishing Resource Reserves – reserves conserved and monitored by the fishermen themselves.

Education & outreach – NCSM promote the conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest and raise awareness. El Dia del Jaguar is the highlight of this work, held annually to promote conservation and culture of the region.


Contact Details

Country Director: Lydia Lozano