The Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST)


ECOTRUST works with different communities and stakeholders in Uganda to conserve natural resources and biodiversity while at the same time contributing to poverty alleviation, wealth creation, inclusive growth and resilience of communities against the risks associated with climate change.



The Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST) is a non-governmental conservation organisation, established in 1999 to champion and promote environmental conservation. ECOTRUST strives to combine the conservation of natural resources with livelihoods improvement, achieved through building partnerships for conservation between local, national, international, private and public institutions. Working with different communities and stakeholders to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. their key strategies include financial intermediation, capacity building and direct involvement in selected conservation activities.

An adult Eastern Chimpanzee on the ground looking into the canopy

Our Partnership

ECOTRUST are implementing a Corridor Restoration Programme (CRP) that will protect and restore habitat between the Bugoma, Wambabya and Bugambe forests in western Uganda. Set in the wider Murchison landscape, these corridors represent the first phase to restoring the connectivity from Bugoma Forest Reserve through to Budongo Forest Reserves.

In 2021 the overall goal of the WLT-funded project with ECOTRUST is to conserve 306 acres (124 ha) of known chimpanzee corridor land between the Bugoma, Wambabya and Bugambe forest areas. The expected outcomes are three-fold: (i) Land tenure secured for restoration and conservation of critical linkages; (ii) Wildlife connectivity restored through reforestation of critical patches; and (iii) Reforestation sustained through a payment for environmental services incentive model.



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Other projects and activities

  • Providing sustainable funding for critical national environmental priorities through either a long-term managed Trust or a permanent endowment.
  • Creating a funding channel for international donors, non government organizations, parastatals, quasi parastatals and the government of Uganda.

Contact Details

Executive Director: Pauline Nantongo Kalunda