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To promote the conservation of biological diversity in Argentina, by carrying out activities related to scientific research, technology transfer, environmental education, and managing different programs and projects on conservation and sustainable use in the field.

  • To develop programs that benefit the conservation of biodiversity and the wellbeing of societies that depend on it;
  • To study the problems that affect the conservation of ecosystems and species at a national level with the goal of promoting acts of conservation;
  • To encourage scientific research, focused on the conservation of species and ecosystems;
  • To foster the transfer of appropriate technologies for the sustainable management of species and ecosystems;
  • To promote the creation of new protected areas and the strengthening of the areas that already exist;
  • To carry out environmental education tasks with the purpose of contributing to a greater knowledge of biological diversity and the benefits of conservation.


FBA was established in 1999, as a result of the enthusiasm and willingness of people who share the same views on how to face the challenges of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Its staff are qualified professionals with a range of skills in wildlife management and ecosystem conservation. The organisation is recognised both nationally and internationally for its expertise.

Partnership with WLT

In 2012, WLT contacted FBA for advice on developing a management plan for Lote 8, Misiones province in Argentina. The land had been purchased by a consortium of institutions with WLT funds and ownership was granted to three Guaraní Communities (Tekóalmá, KapiVaté and ItaóMirí) in 2015. FBA’s first collaborative project with WLT involved writing a conservation plan for the Emerald Green Corridor, Misiones. To date, FBA has been accompanying the Guaraní communities of Lote 8 in the conservation of the environment in their communal lands.

In 2014, FBA advised WLT that a property in the Yungas Forest of northern Argentina had come on the market. The property, El Pantanoso, is strategically important because it forms a corridor between Calilegua National Park to its south and Estancia Urundel, a large tract of contiguous forest to its north. The property was finally purchased in 2016, thanks to a donation from World Land Trust, thus conserving 4,416 hectares of Yunga Forests. Since then, FBA has developed a management plan for the reserve and has carried out numerous scientific studies on the wildlife of the area.

In the year 2022, thanks to a donation from World Land Trust, FBA was able to acquire the estate Las Mesillas in the province of Córdoba, with the aim of conserving 5,411 hectares of forests of the Dry Chaco adjoining the Traslasierra (Pinas) National Park.

The Dry Chaco comprises xerophilous forests with open thickets, salt lakes and dunes, that extend in the foothills of the sierras of northwestern Córdoba, east of Catamarca and La Rioja, north of San Luis, and south of Santiago del Estero. Although they represent only 15.2% of our country, the Dry Chaco is one of the most diverse biomes, it is the habitat of more than 3400 species of plants, 500 species of birds, 150 species of mammals, 120 species of reptiles and about 120 species of amphibians.

Since then, FBA has been working in the area, improving the existing infrastructure and studying the different taxonomic wildlife groups that inhabit the reserve.

A view of El Pantanoso, Argentina
Other Activities
  • Working with local communities to successfully develop a management plan for sustainable use of the Yellow Anaconda;`
  • Regulating the trade and promoting sustainable use of the hardwood species Bulnesia sarmientoi;`
  • Promoting the sustainable use of Llama, Alpaca, Guanaco and Vicúna through the Camelid Programme;`
  • Training for people on biodiversity management, creating links between different public bodies and institutions;`
  • Education and awareness raising campaigns.

Contact Details

CEO/Executive Director: Nicolás Oswald (CEO)