Zoological Society of East Anglia

The Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA) is a registered charity with a strong interest in species conservation. It has a large collection of animals across two sites, Banham Zoo and Africa Alive.

Banham Zoo’s diverse species include many from Central and South America. Visitors can see Ocelot and Yellow-faced Amazon Parrot, as well as a large collection of marmosets and tamarins.

At Africa Alive, alongside elephant and giraffe, there are species protected by WLT partners Kasanka Trust in Zambia. These include the swamp-dwelling Sitatunga antelope.


“The purchase of land is a fantastic concept in terms of conservation because you preserve all the species that inhabit that area not just one.”

Mike Woolham, Banham Zoo's Animal Manager

Conservation with World Land Trust

Between 2008 and 2010 Zoological Society of East Anglia’s Banham Zoo site raised £6,000 towards the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve. They went on to support rangers at REGUA through the second phase of the BIAZA Reserve project.

Continuing their commitment, Banham Zoo gave £2,000 to BIAZA Buy an Acre 2015, protecting Yungas Forest in Argentina. This brought the total donated by Zoological Society of East Anglia since 2008 to an impressive £17,500.

Through this support, Banham Zoo is helping to protect the habitat of Central and South American species.  ZSEA also teaches visitors about conservation and helps with research projects to protect species in the wild.