Tour The Tropics

Tour the Tropics is an online booking service founded from a passion for tourism that benefits conservation, and for those wishing to visit the tropics using locally owned, top rated tour operators.

Founded in 2012 by Ash Card, the organisation started with to provide tours in the Amazon Rainforest, and in 2015 expanded with to cover other tropical areas worldwide. The inspiration for the business is to help conserve rainforests and tropical areas through ecotourism, celebrating the biodiversity of tropical areas while emphasising how business can play a role in forest conservation.


Because clients make the booking direct, they receive a lower rate than travel agencies and an equal or lower rate than the tour operators themselves. The tours and lodges are hand-picked for their experience and highly regarded reviews, and are run by exceptional staff offering outstanding wildlife viewing in a comfortable setting. The majority come with recommendations from nature or travel companies including National Geographic or Outside Magazine. All of the tours are chosen to offer customer satisfaction and then go through TourTheTropics own filter of high standards for environmental awareness and wildlife observation.

Tour The Tropics has supported WLT’s Buy an Acre since its beginnings in 2012 and continues to make donations of either £25 or £50 per booking to save and protect threatened tropical forests.