Global Switch

Global Switch is a leading owner, operator and developer of large-scale, carrier and cloud neutral, multi-customer data centres in the Tier 1 markets of Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The Company is a strategic partner to some of the world’s largest and most forward- thinking companies, who require secure and resilient data centre services with scalable capacity and a high-level of customer service.

Global Switch works to operate as sustainably as possible. Over the past 25 years, they have built new data centres, re-developed existing ones and completed upgrade programmes across their campuses. Front of mind for all development or redevelopment projects is the commitment to their customers and communities to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and provide green energy solutions.

The business recognises that minimising their environmental impact and embedding best-in-class energy efficiency into their data centres is critical for their customers and the role they play as part of their customers’ supply chains. Global Switch is committed to the purchase of 100% renewable energy across their portfolio by 2030.

Global Switch is delighted to support WLT’s ‘Buy an Acre’ programme and in 2023 have funded the purchase and protection of acreage to match their own physical footprint.