Newton Paisley

Newton Paisley, based in Kent, is owned by Dr Susy Paisley, a conservation biologist who spent years in the Andean cloud forest specialising in the study of the endangered Spectacled Bear. Susy is also an artist who draws inspiration from the patterns and colours of this highly biodiverse environment to create detailed drawings of the flora and fauna.

Susy’s illustrations tell the stories of endangered and neglected species and rejoice in their extraordinary diversity and beauty. With a lifelong passion for textiles, Susy has translated her illustration into fabric and wallpaper for the home.


Eco-friendliness, local provenance and a low carbon footprint have been important considerations in the production of Newton Paisley textiles and wallpaper. Pigment inks are used to print digitally onto pure linen that is both woven and printed in the UK. To contribute to the preservation of wild habitats, Newton Paisley is supporting Buy an Acre by is funding the protection of 100 square metres of land through every metre of fabric and every roll of wallpaper sold.