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AnyVan is a transport company offering moving, delivery and removal services across the UK, Europe and internationally. Started in 2009, AnyVan was born when founder Angus discovered that 50 per cent of vans on the road were travelling half empty.

AnyVan provides a route-matching platform where users looking to move anything, anywhere can list their move and be connected to a community of transport providers already travelling their route. Utilising empty space in vehicles, AnyVan is able to reduce the amount of needless journeys, and the CO2 emissions associated with them, while offering less expensive delivery costs and being better for the environment.

Waterfall at Khe Nuoc Trong.

Additionally, as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility, AnyVan has provided free delivery for a variety of nominated charities during the last 8 years with their dedicated Magic Van.

In 2017, AnyVan has committed to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of their fleet of transport providers resulting from business travel across the UK, Europe and internationally. Funds contributed by AnyVan are being used to protect threatened forest in WLT’s Carbon Balanced project in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam.