Brackendale Consulting

Brackendale Consulting is a global agency specialising in marketing and PR within the alternative assets space. The firm offers investor marketing, media relations, graphic design and investor pitching services to private equity and venture capital firms globally.

As part of its investor marketing work, Brackendale writes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports from scratch, advising its clients on benchmarking their ESG progress, as well as developing a credible ESG strategy. In 2022, Brackendale was shortlisted as a finalist in the Real Deals ESG Awards for its work as an ESG advisor to the private equity industry.

After advising fund managers on best practice ESG for the past few years, Brackendale decided it was time to actively impact climate change itself.

Brackendale’s office features an Air-to-Air Heat pump to provide energy efficient heating and cooling, and a 2.88 KWp roof mounted solar installation that self-generates around 90% of the energy consumed. Local employees walk or take public transport to work.

Brackendale is proud to partner with World Land Trust to help combat deforestation. Each time it issues an invoice to one of its clients, a donation is made for a tree to be planted in tropical forests through the Plant a Tree programme.