How companies can support WLT’s work

When entering into an agreement with a company partner WLT will discuss the use of the funds being donated and a company can:

  • make a donation to the WLT and let the Trustees decide how they are most urgently needed,
  • save acres with the WLT by choosing to support Buy an Acre projects,
  • support Special Appeals to save strategically important parcels of land (usually between other protected areas) where land costs more than £100 an acre,
  • support a ranger through the Keepers of the Wild programme,
  • help us restore a whole forest: carry out large-scale reforestation or Plant a Tree, for just £5 a tree.
  • offset your organisation’s residual emissions with the Carbon Balanced programme,
  • support the Wildlife Webcams in the Forest, streaming live from the rainforest in Brazil and Armenia.  You could also support future webcams as they are developed.
  • Many companies offer pro bono support and others are able to provide equipment and clothing for use by our partners in the field.

How will WLT publicise your company’s support?

WLT cannot carry out marketing on behalf of corporate supporters but will recognise their contributions in line with the Trust’s communications policy, which may include:

  • a paragraph and web link on the corporate supporters section of the WLT website,
  • listing on the donations page in the Annual Review,
  • sending WLT News to staff of the company and any other contacts as requested,
  • World Land Trust’s email newsletter is available to anyone who would like to receive it – subscribe to the email newsletter


Donation amount

There is no fixed sponsorship fee required but WLT would wish to ensure that the amount being donated was appropriate to the size of the company and matched the level of support being promoted by that company. £1,000 is generally the minimum sponsorship pledge over a 12 month period.

WLT Logo use

Where the WLT logo is requested we do normally have a minimum donation requirement of £5,000 over the first 12 months of the partnership. There are some terms and conditions associated with the use of the WLT name and its logo and an agreement would be drawn up based on what the company is offering and what WLT will do with the funds.

Contact us

If your company is interested in joining with our existing corporate supporters to help raise funds to save critically threatened land we will be pleased to discuss this with you by phone or email.

For further information please contact us
: 01986 874 422


No to ‘greenwash’

While it is common to see claims of ‘company greenwash’ in the press, this is not what WLT experiences. The companies who come to us offering support want to tell us what they are doing to help the environment and it is extremely rare to be contacted by a company who simply want to use our logo to give their product a ‘good image’. Most company representatives are keen to learn how they can address their corporate social responsibility through WLT and the ones that WLT works with are all demonstrating ‘best practice’ in their particular field, otherwise we would not be partnering with them.