Based in the UK, Giveacar is a fundraising organisation that specialises in donating unwanted and scrap cars to charitable causes throughout the world, including World Land Trust.

Giveacar provides a free service which is available throughout the UK. They can work with vehicle owners by arranging the collection of the car, and depending on its age and condition, they can either send it for environmentally safe disposal and recycling at an Authorised Treatment Facility, or to a salvage auction.

Giveacar is a not-for-profit business, which means up to 70 per cent of the proceeds are donated to a nominated charity of the vehicle owner’s choice. For every £1 spent on marketing, Giveacar has raised £11.30 for hard pressed charities. Since Giveacar was set up in 2010, the organisation has raised more than £2.5 million for over 1,600 charities.