UK Greetings

UK Greetings are Committed to World Land Trust

UK Greetings, one of the country’s leading publishers and manufacturers of greetings cards, has committed to offset its entire annual paper consumption through World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Paper programme.

By offsetting the emissions of over 16,500 tonnes of paper, UK Greetings will ensure the protection and restoration of over 1,000 acres (650 football pitches) of threatened forest habitat in Vietnam, Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Chris Shaw, Head of Sustainability at UK Greetings, says, “This partnership ensures that the carbon emissions used to produce the paper for every single greeting card, is balanced through the protection of the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.  Biodiversity is a precious gift, and allowing species to become extinct through the removal of their habitats is not an act of natural selection, but a deplorable act by humans. This is why UK Greetings proudly continues to support World Land Trust.”