Planet Buddies

Successfully launching in the summer of 2020, Planet Buddies products were designed and created specifically for children. The brand was born out of a dedication in raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world and educating children on what they can do to help.

Planet Buddies have created a range of children’s accessories based on a variety of colourful characters who represent endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species. Their goal is to educate children about the issues that threaten animals with extinction. This includes loss of habitat, global warming, and harmful substances ending up in our oceans. The packaging for each product is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, with no plastic use at all, and is printed with soy-based inks.

Planet Buddies land-based characters support World Land Trust with a donation from each product sale globally to their Keepers of the Wild programme to support many of WLT’s partner organisations to employ local men and women as rangers, straight into conservation’s frontline. Planet Buddies are very proud to work with World Land Trust, helping to support a programme matching their own ethos to help protect our wonderful planet.