Stafford Railway Building Society

Stafford Railway Building Society was formed in 1877 by a small group of railway workers who wanted a means of saving and financing new homes for themselves. The Society aims to offer mortgage and savings products which are easy to understand with no hidden charges.

Stafford Railway has been announced as Local Building Society of the Year 2018 by Mortgage Finance Gazette.

Juniper forest, Hoya Verde, Mexico. Credit GESG

Since 1999 Stafford Railway has supported WLT through offering an affinity account to their members.

For details of how you can apply for a World Land Trust (WLT) Affinity Account including rates, and full terms and conditions, please visit Stafford Railway Building Society’s website.

*Please note that WLT is not registered with the Financial Services Authority and is therefore not acting as an introducer to the Society nor can it endorse or recommend the Stafford Railway Building Society in any way. Supporters using the scheme must contact the Society direct and make their own decision whether products offered to them are suitable for their purposes. WLT is not connected to the Stafford Railway Building Society in any way.