Plimsoll is a global content company, based in Bristol, which makes premium television shows for a world wide audience. They value excellence and kindness and aim to promote creativity, diversity and inclusivity in their business. Founded in 2013 by CEO Grant Mansfield, Plimsoll has produced hundreds of hours of award winning content and is the largest independent producer of natural history content in the world. 

The company makes shows highlighting the beauty and fragility of the natural world and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Plimsoll’s environmental protocols ensure sustainability considerations are integral to office management through recycling, local and sustainable purchasing audits and renewable energy use. In addition they make carbon offsetting contributions for every staff member.

Plimsoll productions work with the UK industry environmental initiative Albert to quantify and reduce their carbon footprint and the company have developed ‘green production protocols’ to ensure sustainability considerations are incorporated into the decision-making process from inception to completion of each production. Plimsoll offset the unavoidable emissions of their productions through contributions to WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme.