Pink Elephant Group

Pink Elephant Group operates a textile collection for re-use scheme. It takes less energy to re-use than to produce the same product from scratch and 90% of what the company collects is getting re-used. The company supplies banks and provides regular collection service. Their textile banks are bright pink in colour, to match their company name and brand. Pink Elephant Group chose such a name and colour to attract more attention to their work and to the recycling and reuse of textiles initiative.

The company has joined Textile2030, the ground-breaking, expert-led initiative, which is harnessing the knowledge and expertise of UK leaders in sustainability to accelerate the fashion and textiles industry’s move towards circularity and system change in the UK, led by WRAP.

Pink Elephant Group began supporting WLT in 2022 through a donation of £50 to the Plant a Tree programme for every ton of clothing collected to fund the planting and care of 10 trees per ton.