Inglorious Bustards

Inglorious Bustards is a small eco-tourism company based in the Strait of Gibraltar – the epicentre of wildlife migration between Europe and Africa – and specialising in #FlywayBirding, bringing their clients a full range of wildlife, birding, local culture and food tours across these two continents. As conservationists, the Inglorious Bustards have a challenge! They want to share with their clients the joy of watching wildlife all along the East Atlantic Flyway, but make sure that when you travel with them you’ll be benefiting, not exploiting, the wildlife seen together, and that their activities are used to create a positive impact on the surroundings. As well as challenging unethical eco-tourism practices that cause disturbance to wildlife, Inglorious Bustards give support to grassroots conservation projects across the flyway, helping them to creating stepping stones of habitat for migratory wildlife.

Inglorious Bustards encourage sustainable land use, minimise plastic waste and minimise the carbon footprint of their activities through use of sustainably-produced local food, the introduction of meat-free days on their trips, as well as the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and local travel on their trips. For those carbon emissions that are unavoidable, Inglorious Bustards are offsetting through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, the CO₂ emissions associated with their staff flights and all in-country travel and accommodation associated with their tours. They also encourage their clients to offset their own holiday flights through WLT.