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Established in 1984, Maidenhead Aquatics (MA) is a highly reputable aquatic retailer who have a strict code of practice to ensure the welfare of fish, and would never knowingly sell fish that had not been ethically sourced. The company actively promotes responsible fish-keeping among its customers.

MA has been supporting WLT since 2010 with a donation of £1 for every fish box sold and donations through collection boxes in their shops, both of which support the Action Fund.

Las Tangaras, Colombia, Close-up. Credit Ruth Canning, WLT

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2014, MA raised donations through its Bag for Life initiative. Made from natural and renewable jute fibres, and available across all stores, £1 from the sale of each bag was donated to WLT to purchase and forever preserve a named sector of Las Tangaras Reserve in Colombia.

In 2015, MA also supported Steve Backshall’s kayak fundraising challenge for land purchase in Colombia.