Trouvaille, which means ‘a lucky find’, is a London-based small business founded by Candelaria and Greg, a couple of globetrotters who in 2017 decided to leave the 9-to-5 to fulfil their dream of starting their own company and having the freedom to run it from anywhere in the world.

Trouvaille’s mission is to bring extraordinary travel memories to life’s ordinary moments, like sipping fresh coffee in the morning in a mug that will remind you of an adventure and make you smile or lighting a candle to wind down at home after a stressful day. Through their travel and nature-inspired product range, they ultimately want to encourage all of us to explore beyond what we know and to appreciate how wonderful the world we live in truly is.


Every Trouvaille product is designed to be unique, but also practical and reusable, and is sustainably and ethically produced in Europe. In their travels, Candelaria and Greg have seen first hand the impact humans are having on the environment and are therefore committed to running their business putting people and the planet first.


As part of their commitment to sustainability, all Trouvaille products come in plastic-free, recyclable packaging and the company offsets its employees’ annual carbon footprint. Their tote bag collection contributes to tackling poverty and the effects of the climate crisis in Africa by growing trees and restoring and protecting land.

Since 2021,Trouvaille is supporting WLT’s Buy An Acre programme through the sales of their Save the Planet candle collection, which as of 2023, has protected more than 10 hectares of land. In 2024, they will be expanding their contribution to Buy an Acre with their new line of animal-themed greeting cards.