Voucher Shares

Launched in the UK and Europe in 2019, Voucher Shares is an online platform offering savings and discount vouchers for top brands and more than 1,000 retailers. Categories include offers on fashion, travel, financial products, educational courses and healthcare, to name a few. Voucher Shares promotes sustainable approaches to everyday shopping and offers advice on how to save money at the same time.

Founded by a passion for the environment combined with everything digital, Voucher Shares’ goal is to offer consumers the opportunity to save, share and earn in the voucher codes marketplace. Voucher Shares includes a category for ethical brands that are working towards best practice in their industry, and raises awareness of environmental issues through their blogs.




Co-Founder Tanya Larsen has seen deforestation of old growth forest first-hand, and along with co-founder Miranda Ryder, wish to help protect tropical forest habitat through their business. Both Tanya and Miranda are involved in educational projects and school talks to share conservation messaging with children.

Voucher Shares has expanded and now also trades in North America as eCouponShares. Wishing to give WLT the flexibility to use donations where they are most urgently needed, 5 per cent of net revenue from Voucher Shares and eCouponShares supports the Action Fund.