Atlas Accessories

Rooted in the power of storytelling and ancient traditions, Atlas Accessories is founded on the belief that jewellery acts as a reminder of important memories and experiences and can be used to tell stories, empower and protect. Atlas believes that protection extends to the environment that sustains us.

Rich in symbolism and meaning, each piece is unique, meant to last and strives to reduce disposability. The Atlas aesthetic draws on organic sensibilities, with strong, rugged accents and they ensure that all materials are ethically and sustainably sourced. Their organic plant fibres, unique leathers and natural materials have been chosen for their historical provenance of durability and utility and respect for ancient traditions.

Atlas Accessories treats the planet like a stakeholder and ensure that every piece created and purchased has an impact to save and permanently protect endangered habitat and wildlife by donating 5% of gross revenue as their pledge to translate success into genuine change for the better. They have supported Buy an Acre since 2020.