Shepreth Wildlife Park

Central to the park is its inhabitants: with more than 400 animals, birds and invertebrates resident on site, comprising of 120 different species covering countries worldwide. Not to mention the abundance of native wild species which take up residence in this tranquil haven. Created in natural settings, this wildlife paradise is the perfect foundation for an educational and inspiring visit, offering the opportunity for both young and old to learn and take heed from the natural world and the conservation issues engulfing it.

A high level of animal visibility and a good selection of species that can carry an important conservation message remains important to the park. Education and learning are also of paramount importance, as is the themed interpretation throughout the park, with a strong emphasis on imagination and fun. The school education programme aims to increase the level of school visits annually, thus increasing the level of awareness of wildlife education and conservation.


“The BIAZA Reserve is a project we are delighted to be involved with.”

Shepreth Wildlife Park

Conservation with World Land Trust

Shepreth Wildlife Park raised £6,000 towards the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve and has also donated to BIAZA Buy an Acre in Mexico.

Shepreth Wildlife Park continues to raise funds for independent wildlife organisations with respect to the endangered species on site, including World Land Trust’s BIAZA Reserve. Shepreth has a Tropical House displaying photos taken at REGUA where the BIAZA Reserve is located and an educational board demonstrating their work with WLT. Staff have also held fundraising days to raise both funds and awareness for rainforest conservation.