Beale Park
Wildlife Gardens

Beale Park and Wildlife Gardens, at Lower Basildon in Berkshire, is home to a collection of rare and endangered birds and mammals including some associated with South America: Alpaca, Great Rhea, Cuban Tree Ducks, Capybara and Mara.


“Beale Park is proud to work in association with WLT and BIAZA, who will continue focusing together on these much needed conservation initiatives.”

Beale Park and Wildlife Gardens

Conservation with World Land Trust

Beale Park is committed to conservation and believes that the protection of animals, plants and ecosystems is vitally important. By caring for and supporting conservation initiatives Beale Park is able to contribute to species and habitat survival.

Beale Park supported the purchase of the BIAZA Reserve and the employment of rangers on the reserve. Following that, Beale Park donated to BIAZA Keepers of the Wild and to BIAZA Buy an Acre.