Amazona Zoo

Amazona Zoo, in Cromer, Norfolk, opened in 2008 and is home to over 200 animals from tropical South America. Visitors can look forward to seeing jaguars, peccaries, otters, macaws, capuchin monkeys, pumas and tapirs.


“As we house just South American species we thought it was very important for us to help where we can.”

Manager of Amazona Zoo, Imogen White

Conservation with World Land Trust

Amazona Zoo raised £300 towards the BIAZA Buy an Acre Argentina project in 2015 as well as donating funds to save one acre through BIAZA Buy an Acre Mexico in 2014.

BIAZA Buy an Acre Argentina has part-funded the new El Pantanoso reserve in Argentina.

This reserve now protects a corridor of Yungas forest, important as the largest continuous habitat left for Jaguars in Argentina. El Pantanoso is home to a host of wildlife including more than 350 species of  bird, around 120 mammal species, 123 tree species and 144 species of butterfly.