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Heal the Earth is run by Caitlin Walsh who is addressing geopathic stress and its effects on our physical and psychological wellbeing. She works to combat sick building syndrome in houses, offices and on land, through energetic remote healing.

Heal the Earth has supported various WLT projects since 2011 through donations of one third of income revenue from this venture. Through WLT’s Buy an Acre, donations have saved and protected wetland habitat and tropical forest in Guatemala and Beni savanna in Bolivia.

Buy an Acre funded Cerro-Prieto Cerro la Luz reserve, Mexico. Credit Roberto Pedraza Ruiz

Heal the Earth has also generously supported the Borneo Rainforest Appeal, helping to create corridors between existing protected forest, particularly for the benefit of Orang-utans and Pygmy Elephants, but also for a wide range of wildlife that depend on this ever-shrinking habitat.

In 2016/17, Heal the Earth donations are funding Buy an Acre projects to save threatened land in Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico.