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Demonstrating their commitment to saving rainforests, The Body Shop International & The Body Shop Europe support WLT in a variety of ways. In 2010 a major contribution to coincide with the launch of their Rainforest Haircare range enabled the purchase and protection of The Body Shop Sector in the Atlantic Rainforest at REGUA, Brazil. The Body Shop was also one of the sponsors of our Gold Medal winning ‘Saving the Atlantic Rainforest’ exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the same year. Some branches of Body Shop Europe also support WLT through their Loyalty programme.



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In 2012 The Body Shop launched their Wood Positive initiative to compensate for annual paper and cardboard consumption in their international supply chain in product and transit packaging. Having already minimised their packaging as much as possible, The Body Shop approached WLT to fund the protection and regeneration of habitats in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest and the Andean foothills of southern Ecuador to compensate for the wood consumed in their packaging. Each year 10% more wood is grown and preserved than used – making the initiative Wood Positive

As part of its Bio-Bridges campaign, The Body Shop has committed to working with World Land Trust and its conservation partners to protect threatened habitat for wildlife in Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam and Garo Hills, India.