Founded in 2003, Bereco prides itself on supplying beautifully bespoke timber windows and doors nationwide. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand with the company name itself being derived from the words timber and eco-friendly.

An environmental ethos is driven into all aspects of the business and every window and door sold comes only from sustainable sources, with all timber used in production being 100 per cent FSC® certified, with full chain of custody back to the forest.

Bereco’s membership to groups such as the British Woodworking Federation and the Wood Window Alliance, whose mission is to promote the advantages of timber as a material for the sustainable future of construction, demonstrates its passion for wood and the natural benefits it offers.


As a business, Bereco recognises the vulnerability of the planet’s natural resources and is committed to finding ways to continually reduce its environmental impact.

Having engaged with the ethos of World Land Trust, Bereco is donating £1 for every window or door it sells, which goes towards WLT’s Buy an Acre projects. Bereco is also working in unison with its whole supply chain, from national developers to the consumer, to help support the fund by matching donations.