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Where We Work

World Land Trust (WLT) works with project partners to protect some of the world’s most threatened habitats. Find out where we work and how we protect these habitats and species.


Countries where we work

Atlantic Rainforest, Misiones


Misiones Rainforest Corridor, Argentina

Just 1% of the original Atlantic Rainforest survives in Argentina and this project will protect one of the last strongholds.

Coastal Steppe Project, Patagonia

The Ranch of Hopes (Estancia la Esperanza) was purchased in 2000 and is now an official Wildlife Refuge protecting rare species and their coastal steppe habitat.

Yungas Forest

The project aims to create El Pantanoso Reserve in the northern Argentine Yungas, covering around 10,900 acres (4,400 hectares), in partnership with Fundación Biodiversidad-Argentina. 

Bezoar goat on cliff


The Caucasus, Armenia

One of the world’s lesser known biodiversity hotspots, the Caucasus are home to many species that live nowhere else on Earth.

Keel Billed Toucan © David Tomlinson


Programme for Belize

WLT was initially established to protect 110,000 acres (46,000 hectares) of sub-tropical forest in north-western Belize; this project was a great success, helping create the now much larger Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area.

Beni Savanna, Bolivia


Beni Savanna, Bolivia

WLT is working in partnership with Bolivian NGO Asociación Armonía to protect the Beni savanna in the south western corner of the Amazon basin by extending the existing Barba Azul Nature Reserve.

REGUA landscape


The Atlantic Forest, Brazil

WLT is funding the protection of one of the most important eco-regions in the world, the Atlantic Rainforest.

Sun over Forest © Paul Salaman


Chocó and other Rainforest, Colombia

WLT's project in Colombia protects one of the wettest and most biodiverse regions in the world.

Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica

Rainforest Action Costa Rica

This is a completed project. WLT helped protect the Osa Peninsula and helped purchase an area that is now incorporated into Corcovado National Park.

Ecuadorian Rainforest


The Ecuador Forests

In an country where 80% of tropical rainforests have already been destroyed, WLT's partners are safeguarding Ecuador’s highly varied habitats and wealth of wildlife.

Sastun Laguna © Marco Cereza


Tropical Forest and Wetlands, Guatemala

The Laguna Grande Reserve covering mangroves and tropical forests protects the single most threatened habitat in the Guatemalan Caribbean region.

Landscape view of tropical rainforest in Honduras


Tropical Forest, Honduras

WLT is helping protect the biodiversity and watershed of the tropical forest of Güisayote in the Trifinio Region of Honduras.

Asian Elephant in a Wildlife Corridor


Indian Elephant Corridors Appeal

This project saves important Indian Elephant populations by preventing forest fragmentation and creating wildlife corridors.

Reef & Mangrove Appeal

Regeneration projects have assisted the recovery of mangroves and coral reefs in India and the Philippines.

Sharpe's Longclaw © Charlie Moores


Kenyan Grasslands Appeal

Grasslands in Kenya are becoming increasingly threatened and WLT has committed to helping save what is left.

A young Orang-utan © HUTAN/Dzulirwan


Borneo Orang-utan Appeal, Malaysia

Orang-utan populations have halved over the last 20 years and WLT is striving to save some of their last habitat in the fight against oil palm development.

Cedars © Roberto Pedraza


Biodiversity of Sierra Gorda, Mexico

WLT is assisting with the protection of the most ecologically diverse region in Mexico: The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve.

Copernicia alba palm Savannah


The Chaco/Pantanal, Paraguay

The Atlantic Rainforest, Dry Chaco and Chaco-Pantanal are all protected by WLT’s projects in Paraguay.

Segunda-y-Cajas © NCPeru


Cloud forest and páramo, Peru

WLT’s goal in Peru is to help conserve Andean cloud forests and paramó grasslands by supporting local communities to form private conservation areas in common ownership.

Danjugan Island

The Philippines

Philippine Reef & Rainforest Project

Danjugan is one of the few islands in the area that still has its original tropical forests making it vital to protect.

Reef & Mangrove Appeal

Regeneration projects have assisted the recovery of mangroves and coral reefs in India and the Philippines.

Kites Hill gate

United Kingdom

Kites Hill Reserve, United Kingdom

Kites Hill Reserve protects over 40 acres (16 hectares) of meadow, grassland and native woodland in Gloucestershire.

Margarita Island


Dry Forests of Margarita Island, Venezuela

Venezuela’s dry forests are threatened by sand mining and illegal hunting. WLT is committed to protecting these biodiverse forests for the Vulnerable Yellow-shouldered Parrot

Khe Nuoc Trong © WLT/Natalie Singleton


Annamite Lowland Forest, Vietnam

Khe Nuoc Trong in central Vietnam is one of the best examples of Annamite Lowland Forest. WLT’s project is supporting conservation management in Khe Nuoc Trong.

The WLT has also helped establish a national park in Lebanon.

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