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Zambia is a land-locked, tropical country which takes its name from the magnificent Zambezi River, the fourth-longest river in Africa. Much of the country lies on a high plateau without much variation in altitude so it appears much flatter than its mountainous neighbours.

Zambia is home to more intact Miombo woodland than any other country in the world, which includes typical miombo flora of high trees with shrub and grassland underneath. The country is also characterised by large lakes, wetlands, vast floodplains, and spectacular waterfalls.


The differences between the temperature and rainfall across the wet and dry seasons means that Zambian wildlife have adapted to 15 natural ecosystem types. Zambia is also the host of the world’s biggest mammal migration, with around 10 million Straw-coloured Fruit Bats migrating to the evergreen swamp forests of Kasanka National Park each year.

Deforestation is a key ecological issue facing the country, caused in large part by commercial agriculture and open-cast mining,


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Mulembo CFMA

Over the past two years, WLT has supported Kasanka Trust to secure 20,000 hectares of land through the declaration of two Community Forest Management Areas (CFMAs). These will be located within the Kafinda Game Management Area located in the Greater Kasanka Landscape and will ensure forest permanence and a sustainable income source for the CFMAs. Carbon benefits will be derived from voided deforestation and forest degradation within these two CFMAs, including from the reduced risk of forest fires. Moreover, the local communities will be further enabled to manage their forests and to both diversify and enhance their rural livelihoods. To do so, a Community Forest Management Group has initiated ecological zoning and management planning, and will take on the responsibility for implementing emission-reduction activities

Habitat scene, Zambia

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