Teeming with wildlife, the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo are some of the oldest in the world and contain a vast wealth of endemic species. Malaysian Borneo is home to the Bornean Pygmy Elephant, 10 species of primate including the Bornean Orang-utan and Proboscis Monkey, and more than 600 species of birds, eight of them belonging to the hornbill family. Much of the natural habitat is at risk from intense logging, palm oil plantations and forest fires.


Projects in Malaysian Borneo


Keruak Corridor

The Keruak Corridor lies within the Kinabatangan floodplain, one of Malaysia’s most beautiful wetlands, home to important populations of highly threatened species, such as Bornean Orang-utan and Pygmy Elephant.


The Pangi Reserve is across the Kinabatangan River from the Keruak corridor and this floodplain is home to Bornean Orang-utan and Pygmy Elephant.

Kretam Kulamba Corridor

The Kretam Kulamba Corridor is Sabah’s most unique coastal forest reserve. These 21,105 hectares remain as the sole example of a naturally diverse coastal ecosystem in North Borneo.