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  • 09 October 2002
    Burrowing Parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus), Taken from A Guide to the Birds and Mammals of Coastal Patagonia © Graham Harris, Princeton University Press. See larger image. (U...
  • 03 October 2002
    First sighting of Puma on the Estancia la Esperanza (Ranch of Hopes) in Patagonia The Estancia la Esperanza was acquired by conservationists over two years ago, and although footp...
  • 03 October 2002
    First sighting of Puma on the Ranch of Hopes (Estancia la Esperanza) in Patagonia Geoffroy's cat (a kitten), photographed by José Maria Musmeci. See larger imag...
  • 13 October 2000
    The World Land Trust is urgently raising funds to create a 20,000 acre reserve in the coastal steppe of Patagonia. The reserve is being established to protect a wide range of the r...


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