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Belize: News

Conservation projects news from the World Land Trust. These posts relate to WLT projects in Belize.

  • 03 June 2014
    In 1989 Programme for Belize (PfB) was the first project of a new conservation charity. Today, World Land Trust (WLT) is a leading international conservation charity and PfB manage...
  • 19 December 2013
    If you’re sitting down to roast turkey for Christmas dinner give a thought to the turkey's wild relatives and the habitats they depend on. The turkey that we eat at Ch...
  • 10 May 2013
    From its beginnings in the late 1980s, World Land Trust (WLT) has focused much of its funding on saving threatened habitat for birds. As well as saving forests for endemic birds, t...
  • 11 February 2013
    Bethan John reports on a bird ecology course at Hill Bank, one of two ecotourism sites managed by Programme for Belize (PfB) – the first ever land purchase project supported...
  • 06 February 2013
    World Land Trust (WLT) started its pioneering work more than two decades ago in Belize, a small country in Central America, about the size of Wales. Programme for Belize (PfB) was...
  • 30 January 2007
    Written by WLT supporter Durlabh Singh. Notes from a visit to the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area (RBCMA) and its two field stations at La Milpa and Hill Bank. 14...
  • 20 September 2005
    Daryl Hannah in Belize, preparing for a photo shoot. At the end of July John Burton of the World Land Trust (WLT) took a small group to see the rainforests of Belize. Film st...
  • 07 August 2005
    Simon Barnes, wildlife spotting at night in Belize. The Times Saturday August 6 2005 Comment 23 Two glittering stars on one day in the rainforest. Just how lucky is that? W...
  • 05 November 2003
    Discovering that Jaguar numbers are increasing on the Programme for Belize lands was the highlight of a speech given by Edilberto Romero, Executive Director of Programme for Belize...
  • 06 May 2003
    One of the world's most powerful birds of prey, the Harpy Eagle is considered to be near extinction in Central America. In an attempt to save them the Peregrine Fund has been c...
  • 06 May 2003
    Harpy Eagle. See a larger image here. (Use your back button to return to this page.) One of the world's most powerful birds of prey, the Harpy Eagle is considered to be n...
  • 05 February 2003
    Three students from the University of East Anglia (UEA) arrived in Belize this week to carry out research that will benefit wild Jaguars. The research projects are part of their MS...
  • 17 December 2002
    Spare a thought for Turkeys this Christmas 19th Century print of an Ocellated Turkey As Christmas approaches, it’s time to give a thought for Turkeys. Not many people...

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