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Cerro Blanco Protected Forest

WLT funds tree planting activities at Cerro Blanco, one of the last remaining Ecuadorian Dry Forests


Cerro Blanco Woodland Reserve

Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, where WLT funds tree planting activities.

Located on the outskirts of Guayaquil, Cerro Blanco is one of the last remaining Ecuadorian dry forests.

Ecuadorian dry forests are considered to be in critical danger of extinction. Due to the close proximity to the city, the forest is threatened by expanding squatter settlements, illegal hunting for commercial and subsistence use, tree cutting of secondary hardwood trees and forest fires caused mainly by hunters.

Biodiversity at Cerro Blanco

  • 54 mammal species characteristic of Ecuadorian dry tropical forest (including Mantled Howler Monkey, White Fronted Capuchin Monkey and South American Coati and 21 bat species).
  • 219 bird species, including 8 globally threatened species.    In 1998, Cerro Blanco was declared Ecuador's second Important Bird Area.
  • Over 500 vascular plant species have been registered including 100 endemic species to the dry tropical region of Ecuador.

WLT's partner, Fundación Pro-Bosque, is safe-guarding the high biodiversity of Cerro Blanco by implementing the following measures:

  • Protection: permanent guard stations and weekly patrols.
  • Environmental education and ecotourism: Approximately 6,000 visitors come to Cerro Blanco every year.
  • Restoration: 580 acres (235 hectares) of abandoned pasture has been restored through the planting of some 30 native tree species.

World Land Trust involvement

World Land Trust is supporting the work of Fundación Pro-Bosque by funding long term habitat restoration activities, re-creating important habitat for wildlife, assisting with the foundation's conservation objectives and supporting the tree nursery programme. In 2011 WLT assisted with purchasing land in Cerro Blanco. WLT also has a programme of Carbon Balanced tree planting at Cerro Blanco

More information on Cerro Blanco Protected Forest

External link: Fundación Pro-Bosque

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