Species Data

Class: Aves

Order: Psittaciformes

Family: Psittacidae

Scientific Name: Pyrrhura orcesi

IUCN Red List status: Endangered

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The El Oro Parakeet is dark green, with red leading edges to the wings and outer tail feathers. Males also show a red forehead.



The El Oro Parakeet was only discovered in 1980. Like most parakeets, it is highly social, forming large groups for feeding on seed and fruits in the forest canopy. It breeds cooperatively, with a pair having up to six helpers.

El Oro Parakeets in Buenaventura, Ecuador ©Francisco Sornoza
A view of Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador ©Andrew Smiley


The parakeet is found exclusively on the forested slopes on the western Andes of Ecuador. It has only been confirmed as present at less than ten sites.


Threats and Conservation

Like many forest species, this parakeet suffers from extreme habitat loss and fragmentation, as logging and agricultural developments encroach on its habitat. There are believed to be only 250-1,000 individuals in the wild, a number still declining. Bird boxes have been used in some places to help boost breeding success.


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