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Yunguilla Reserve

Current size: 378 acres (153 ha)

The Yunguilla Reserve was created by Fundación Jocotoco to protect the only known population of Pale-headed Brush-finches. This reserve is not currently funded by WLT.


The Yunguilla Reserve

The Yunguilla reserve consists of scrubby Andean hillside south west of Cuenca. Photo © Nigel Simpson.

The Yunguilla reserve protects the Critically Endangered Pale-headed Brush-finch, which was rediscovered on the reserve in 1999 after an absence of 30 years. The reserve comprises of scrubby Andean hillside south west of Cuenca. Active conservation work based on research has led to a continuing increase in the number of breeding pairs from only 10 pairs in 1999 to over 100 different male territories today.

Wildlife at Yunguilla

Critically endangered and endangered birds:

Pale-headed Brush-finch

Pale-headed Brush-finch. This photo by Niels Krabbe was taken when he found this tiny remnant population, after more than thirty years of absence.© Niels Krabbe

  • Pale-headed Brush-finch (Atlapetes pallidiceps)
  • Little Woodstar (Chaetocercus bombus)

Near Threatened and Restricted Range bird species:

  • Ecuadorian Ground-dove (Columbina buckleyi)
  • Pacific Pygmy-owl
  • Amazilia Hummingbird (Amazilia amazilia)
  • Line-cheeked Spinetail (Cranioleuca antisiensis)
  • Pacific Eleania (Myiopagis subplacens)
  • Rufous-winged Tyrannulet (Mecocerculus calopterus)
  • Ecuadorian Thrush (Turdus maculirostris)
  • Black-and-white Tanager (Conothraupis speculigera)
Pale-headed Brush Finch feeding chicks

A Pale-headed Brush Finch feeding its chicks, shows protection of the species is going well on the reserve. Photo © Aldo Sornoza, Jocotoco Foundation

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