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Virtual Tours of Buenaventura, Ecuador

Virtual Tours of Buenaventura

Experience a taste of what the WLT supported reserves have to offer by taking one of our Virtual Tours around the forest. These interactive panoramas allow you to move around the reserve area almost as if you were there.

The current virtual tours are from the Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador. Due to the high definition nature of the tours the page may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. For help on how to navigate your way around the virtual tours please see our how to use section.

All Buenaventura Virtual Tours created by Carl Morgan.

Virtual Tours from the Buenaventura Reserve

Rainforest Lodge Tour

Rainforest Lodge Tour

Browse around Fundación Jocotoco's visitor lodges at Buenaventura and admire the view of some primary forest on the opposite valley. Have a look at the hummingbird feeders on the restaurant lodge and look out for the trial webcam setup.

Umbrellabird Trail Tour

Umbrellabird Trail Tour

Make your way through one of the main trails at Buenaventura and experience the many different species of plants found within the cloud forest. Look out for the hidden hummingbird garden!

Reforestation Tour

Reforestation Tour

Check out the reforestation work going on at the Buenaventura reserve, being funded by World Land Trust. The tour includes a look inside the greenhouse, an overview of some of reforestation areas and one of the planting sites.

The reforestation tour features three areas: The new nursery where you can see the four native species of tree that are grown from seed for re-planting work at Buenaventura. The nursery propagates around 60,000 trees annually which are then supplemented by local families from their own nurseries. Outside the nursery shows areas that have been cleared in the past and are going to be reforested in order to create a corridor of protected habitat for the endangered El Oro Parakeet to nest and breed safely. A newly reforested steep slope showing plantlets less than a month old. More information on the reforestation work.


How to navigate the Buenaventura tours

The Virtual Tours from Buenaventura are integrated which means that you can move from one scene to another by clicking on "hotspots" within the scenes. You can see where there is a hotspot as your cursor will change from a circle to an arrow when you roll over it. Alternatively you can highlight the hotspot areas in each scene by clicking on the hotspot indicator icon on the controller bar at the bottom left of the Virtual Tour. It may take a couple of minutes before the hotspots become visible when you first load the tour so please be patient.

Click here for more help using the integrated Virtual Tours.


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